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HI ENERGY FZC are licensed sellers and builders of OilTech Group Limited UK products. Our aim is to offer our clients in the Middle East and CIS state of the art Rig Mechanisation products and services made in the United Arab Emirates.

Range of Catwalk Machine

HI ENERGY build a range of Catwalk Machines for all applications including:

  • WDU Range of Catwalk Machine, for use in workover application.
  • TDU-FS Catwalk Machine, for use in medium height Drillfloors (up to 30’).
  • TDU-R Range of Catwalk Machine, for use with high drillfloors.
  • TDU-MPH Mobile Pipehandler, for use with linear drilling programmes.

Catwalk Machine Ancillaries

We offer a wide range of Catwalk Machine ancillaries which enhance the Catwalk Machines and assist in providing Hands-free operation.

They include:

Storage Bins

The standard storage bin is a means of storing the tubulars during transportation and storage.

Hydraulic Storage Bins

The Hydraulic Storage Bin is similar in size to the standard bin; the difference being that the Hydraulic storage bin has a false button which takes the mass of the tubulars, and can also be raised or lowered in order to load or unload the tubulars. The lifting and lowering is achieved by a pair of hydraulic cylinders mounted on the side faces of the bin. Hydraulic Pipe Bins are an integral part of a HANDS-FREE system.

Catwalk Walker

Catwalk Walkers come in a set of 4, and are mounted at the base of the Catwalk Machines. Walkers enable the Catwalk to be positioned accurately on the ground (as often the truck positioning is inadequate).

Catwalk Lift-off Units

Catwalk Lift-off Units mount at the front and at the rear of the Catwalk’s base unit. The purpose is to avoid the Catwalk being ‘dropped off’ the truck which often causes damage to the Catwalk and can be dangerous for people working nearby.