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Inspection Services

HI ENERGY boasts a network of inspection service center in the Middle East Region, which are fully equipped to conduct an all-inclusive variety of specialized inspection programs to accommodate and cater to the requirements of both contractors and operators. These include basic API RP7G through critical service category in T.H. Hill DS-1, North Sea Drill String Inspection Standard NS2. Our aim is to serve the oil companies by providing timely, high quality, cost effective Tubular Inspection Services locally. We have a highly experienced Panel of local Inspectors who can be deputed within a short time for the Inspection of Tubulars, BHA and drillstring components.


  • Magnetic particle inspections on tool joints and upsets
  • EMI inspection
  • Visual Inspection and Thread gauging
  • Dimensional Check
  • Refacing services
  • Straightening services
  • Black light inspection of end areas
  • MPI on upsets and wear pads
  • Visual inspection and thread gauging
  • Refacing services (if required)
  • Straightening services for HWDP (if required)
  • Liquid dye penetrant inspections
  • MPI / Black and White contrast ink inspections
  • Ultrasonic Shear wave Inspections (optional)
  • On stressed and critical areas
  • Dimensional check
  • Individual documentation of inspection results
  • API full length drifting
  • EMI on full body for Tubings
  • FLMPI on Casings
  • End area Inspections
  • Gauging services
  • Wall thickness measurements
  • Rattling services
  • Maintenance services
  • Hydro jetting services
  • Retrieved Tubing / Casing Inspections
  • DS1 Specification
  • NS2 Specification
  • API Specification