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Precision Lathe Refacing Tools

  • Engineered for Repeatable Accuracy
  • The system can be deployed in the field & operated by a single operator.
  • Able to cut the seal face, torque stop, inside and outside chamfers in a single cut with no secondary steps needed.
  • Maintains tolerance to within .0005
  • Utilizes proprietary design that assures forward engagement of all cutting structures perpendicular to the axis of the threads.
  • Provides a surface finish that exceeds Ra64.
  • Maintains Drill Pipe manufactures specifications to the highest standard.


  • Double Shouldered Connections ▪ API Connections
  • Stator Can’s
  • Pipe Yard’s
  • Remote Locations ▪ Offshore
  • Rig site


  • Extends lifespan of customer assets
  • Saves Logistics cost
  • Saves expensive machine shop re-cut costs ▪ Saves time